About Us

David Chapman - CEO

David Chapman, CEO and founding partner of Secure Cyber Circuits, brings more than 35 years of business development experience focused primarily on new world-class industry changing technologies. A victim of both cyberattacks from hackers and physical device theft, he was determined to find the leading cyber security technologies and bring them to market. He now uses this new proprietary system to protect his own data and equipment and offers the protection to all Secure Cyber Circuits clients.

A message from our CEO:

 “Ask yourself this important question: What would happen if your competitors were able to obtain your client list, vendor list, product selling prices, and even what your vendors are paid-- in an effort to underbid and steal company client information? What if your customers' data was breached-- with identity theft or ransomware as the hacker’s mission? These threats alone should make cyber security your highest priority in today's marketplace."

Jeffrey Berezin – CTO

Armed with a strong background in both software and hardware, Jeff Berezin knows his way around the cyber world. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Purdue University and a Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Massachusetts. His experience includes co-founding the dot-com company eMedicine.com, which is now part of WebMD. He previously worked at Raythoen; Genigraphics, a GE Spinoff; and JADAK LLC, now part of Novanta. With his strong background in securing websites and their patients’ highly-sensitive medical information, Jeff’s expertise can protect your company from growing security threats.

Paul Hoagland – CMO

With over 30 years of successful marketing strategy and sales leadership experience, Paul Hoagland has worked in many industries, including:  banking & financial services, insurance, capital markets, tech services, manufacturing, outsourcing, consulting, healthcare and distribution.  His accomplishments as an executive with IBM Consulting, Computer Sciences Services (CSC) Consulting, Symphony Marketing Solutions, Verizon, and other big data-reliant firms is a good fit for us.  It also positions him and his team to better serve you in your quest to get the very best value-- AND solution-- available in cyber attack protection today.  Paul earned his Master's degree from Columbia University and his Bachelors degree (magna cum laude) from University of Massachusetts-Amherst.  Remember:  “Ensure the safety of your data...  Insure the reputation of your organization.”