Physical Security Companies

Sample Solutions for Physical Security Companies

  • Secure video surveillance and secure video camera data feed transmission
  • Secure Monitoring, Command & Control Centre Solutions (Remote alarm monitoring & verification, remote camera monitoring & verification)
  • Secure data transmission and system security for access control and entry systems:
    • Remote Security Escort Service/ Parking Garage
    • Remote Entry-/Exit Management/Car number plate or Driver identification
    • Event / mobile security data protection
  • Secure Communications and enablement of Remote Patrol Services/ Buildings
  • Secure mobile / secure voice, e-mail, video, chat
  • Adhoc / temporary secure networks and communications for contract staff

Selected Security Customer Examples

Strong Capabilities Working with the Security Industry

  • Security: Secure video transmission and monitoring
  • First Responders: Secure monitoring
  • Safety: Remote control for sensors in buildings like fire alarms / windows / protected doors/leakage/ intrusion detection
  • Local Police: Secure data, secure mobile, secure monitoring

Security:  Solution Example 

Enable Improved Mobile / Temporary Video Surveillance

  • Reduce high cost of mobile/ temporary security services for events, construction sites, harbors and ports etc. through using video surveillance
  • Ensure secure video surveillance and data transfer
  • Provide mobile security for mobile surveillance stations which is weather resistant
  • Simplify and reduce the cost of solution components

ViPNet replaces multiple devices with a cost-effective, efficient all-in-one solution.

Privacy Enablement for Secure Video Surveillance & Monitoring 

  • Provide clients and households with a privacy feature by allowing temporary interruption of the video surveillance and data transfer to the monitoring center without disabling the camera.
  • The video feed is masked while the video is still rolling and the camera is operational
  • Status monitoring continues as normal

ViPNet enables secure status monitoring and while enabling privacy.