ViPNet Mobile Security Suite

Protected Unified Communications

Mobile Security Challenges

Explosive growth in mobile computing, remote working and trends like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are creating ever increasing security challenges for organizations. The risks of data leakage on mobile platforms are particularly acute and are now as big a problem as malware. With so many workers and executives on the move, organizations need to provide reliable and uninterrupted secure access to corporate data anytime, anywhere on a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs and handhelds.

 15% of large organizations had a security or data breach involving smartphones or tablets, more than doubling last year’s figure of 7%.*

Traditional enterprise security solutions such as tunnel VPNs are now known to be insufficient in providing productive and effective secure remote access to business systems from a variety
of connection choices (Wi-Fi, PSTN, satellite, etc.). Many of these and newer solutions are not interoperable and simply unable to deliver a seamless user experience efficiently and cost effectively, especially when using real time applications such as VoIP and Video. Usability and performance problems, data loss and lost productivity create user dissatisfaction and prevent the adoption of secure practices. 

IT departments need to enable employee mobility and seamless user experience while properly protecting corporate data. They need to provide the appropriate balance of cost-effective, low complexity yet highly secure solutions with minimal user disruption, while at the same time, maximizing interoperability with the current network and future proofing the solution.

ViPNet Mobile Security Suite
Keeps You Safe and Sets You Free

Secure Cyber Circuits helps you get the balance right. The ViPNet Mobile Security Suite provides military grade security for mobile devices without compromising on usability or performance in one flexible, scalable, cost-effective solution. It provides the highest levels of security and safety along with the freedom and flexibility that make it possible to work anywhere.

Secure Cyber Circuits unique Peer-to-Peer approach makes efficient and seamless secure mobile communication attainable, providing continuous connectivity, true mobility and portability that work with multiple devices including tablets and smartphones encrypting voice, video, email, chat and file exchange traffic on the move and on the device. The ViPNet Mobile Security Suite supports stable roaming, fast processing speeds and high throughput, while minimizing disruptions and eliminating data loss.

The Secure Cyber Circuits ViPNet Mobile Security Suite meets the full scope of an organization’s mobile communication requirements thereby eliminating the need for disparate point solutions while reducing complexity and cost. The solution is easy to deploy and maintain and seamlessly integrates into existing networks allowing clients to maximize interoperability with their current network and protect existing investments. Moreover, it ensures that traffic is encrypted even within the corporate network itself. In addition to protecting against insider threats and man-in-the-middle attacks, this makes it possible to extend the reach of the secure environment and implement secure communication with external partners and embrace Cloud usage with confidence.


Enterprise Grade Security for Mobile

Secure Cyber Circuits delivers robust, enterprise grade security to protect sensitive corporate data against internal and external cyberattacks. Secure Cyber Circuits certified, rock-solid encryption secures the endpoint, encrypts the channel and prevents unauthorized access. It
even protects you from anyone within the LAN: MITM attacks, insider threats.

True Mobility and Portability

ViPNet Mobile Security Suite’s unique architecture beats competitive solutions by ensuring continuous reliable connectivity while transparently encrypting data traffic at fast processing speeds and high throughput to support demanding real time applications such as VoIP, Video, Chat, File Exchange, Voice & Video conferencing.

Easy to Use and Quick to Deploy

Simple, appealing interfaces with familiar layouts improve ease and speed of user adoption ensuring high levels of user satisfaction making secure environments easy to adopt and maintain. The solution seamlessly integrates into existing networks to
maximize interoperability and speed deployment.

Suitable for BYOD

ViPNet Mobile Security Suite ensures corporate data is protected while supporting BYOD policies by separating personal and business traffic. This reduces the load on corporate servers, improves speed & performance and keeps costs down.

One Solution for All Your Secure Mobile Communication

You will no longer need different apps for telephony, messaging, video- and audioconferencing and can simplify administration and maintenance as well as reduce costs and complexity.

Supports Top Security Environments

ViPNet Mobile Security Suite enables organizations to achieve and maintain compliance with top security requirements. Its advanced security features prevent highly sophisticated cyber attacks on the mobile devices’ cameras or microphones. Access to public app stores is blocked. Tested and approved applications are available only from a trusted app store. All traffic is encrypted and directed through protected servers to be filtered and scanned for viruses.

Monitoring, Detection and Prevention

To prevent serious threats from becoming major issues, ViPNet Mobile Security Suite enables organizations to quickly react to critical changes by continuous monitoring and notification of changes, events and ongoing system status. 

Seamless User Experience & High Productivity

ViPNet Mobile Security Suite transparently encrypts data and traffic, supports fast processing speed and high throughput for seamless user experience and resiliency. No manual intervention is required from users. Data is not lost during re-connection. Mobile users are more productive, user acceptance and satisfaction levels are increased.

Enable Secure Collaboration and Embrace Cloud Usage

Extend the reach of the secure environment and implement segregated networks to support secure communication and collaboration with external partners. Embrace cloud usage without compromising on security. Encrypt and sign the files you want to share prior to uploading them to the Cloud. Strong encryption will guarantee that data will not leak from public resources, and a valid digital signature ensures authenticity and integrity.