ViPNet SafeDisk-V

ViPNet SafeDisk-V is your right choice if:

  • You need to ensure that your relatives, friends or colleagues don't read, modify or remove your important documents accidentally or on purpose.
  • You store your information on a laptop and want to prevent it from being read, copied or used by someone else (if lost or stolen).
  • You have confidential information stored on several computers, for example, at home and at work, and need to protect each one, allowing secure data transfer from one computer to another.
  • You need to transfer confidential information on a removable media and want to prevent the data from being stolen or lost.
  • You need to control access to confidential information on one or several computers, for example, hide some documents from one user while providing access for another.
  • As a result of outsiders approaching your computer, you need to deny access immediately and hide your confidential information — along with the fact that it actually exists.
  • As a result of malicious users approaching your computer, you need to resort to removing your confidential information quickly and securely

New Features:

  • Possibility to work with the ViPNet Coordinator program
  • Logic of interaction between ViPNet SafeDisk-V and ViPNet Monitor has changed

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