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Welcome to Secure Cyber Circuits (SCC)

A Complete Two-Tier Cyber Security Umbrella!

SCC relies on the latest in value-added Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology.  Our unique solution secures and also positions you to insure the critical data of companies and organizations of all sizes.

WHAT DIFFERENTIATES US-- Unlike others, we offer a robust two-tier solution: 

     1) help in obtaining financial exposure liability insurance  and   

     2) leading edge technology.

From a technological perspective, SCC relies on an internationally patented network cyber security service called ViPNet Pro Service* which provides the highest level of security around the globe, including protection for:

  • Banking & Financial Service Organizations   
  • Health Care Providers & Service Firms          
  • Transportation                                               
  • Government Embassies                                
  • Legal and Accounting Firms
  • Municipalities
  • Major Corporations
  • Military Applications

ViPNet Pro Service* is easy to set up and administer, unparalleled in protective capabilities, encryption complexity, and speed.  Are all your devices protected yet?  Let us give you a free trial period to see the difference!

From an insurance perspective, SCC works with AmWINS brokerage of NY, a wholesale insurance brokerage, in conjunction with Lloyd’s Companies**.  After careful and complete inspection of our technology, they are ready to conduct a comprehensive Cyber Attack Liability Financial Risk Exposure Analysis for SCC Customers seeking to obtain custom cyber-attack-liability insurance coverage. Do you know your company’s full financial exposure and liability in the event of a cyber attack?  Want a professional analysis conducted for free?

“Ensure the safety of your data...  Insure the reputation of your organization.”

Call today to schedule your free Device Coverage Trial and Cyber Attack Liability Financial Risk Exposure Analysis.


 * Our unparalleled ViPNet Pro Service developed and supported by SCC's strategic partner, Infotecs America

 * Value-added cyber-attack-liability insurance coverage is offered / underwritten by AmWINS brokerage of NY in conjunction with Lloyd's Companies.