Banking & Financial Services

Banking & Financial Services Cyber Environment

Interconnectivity of Mobile devices, Cloud and Banking Systems Infrastructure   

Expose Increased Vulnerabilities to Cyber Threats

Sample Solution Areas for Banking & Financial Services 

  • Secure Systems Infrastructure (Network Security, Cloud Security)
  • Secure Data Transfer for extremely low latency environments
  • Secure Document Management / Exchange and Signature
  • Highly Secure, Discrete, Isolated Networks within the Corporate Environment
  • Secure Voice Over IP Communication
  • Secure Mobile Communications (including secure voice) for banking staff and the extended enterprise (contractors, partners)
  • Secure Remote Access and Monitoring
  • Threat Detection / Management (Instant notification of security non-compliance)
  • Secure Collaboration
  • Secure Video Surveillance

Selected Banking & Financial Services Customer Examples

Deep Heritage and Strong Customer References

  • Supporting over 35 discrete banking clients:
  • Complex, large scale deployments
  • Wide ranging functional scope
  • Seamlessly integrates into existing networks
  • Suitable for extremely low latency environments
  • Major Foreign Investment Bank: Secure collaboration /secure remote access. Secure document management.  Highly Secure, Discrete, isolated e-mail system for Top Management.
  • Major National Banking Group -- Secure collaboration and mobile access. Dynamic isolated network with Dynamic DMZ for securing the corporate network from opportunistic attack via internet vulnerabilities. Secure Branch WiFi. Secure access to corporate network from mobile devices in the branch.
  • Major US Headquartered International Banking & Money Transfer Group: Low latency secure inter bank transfer of funds and data. High Availability, Cloud Based Solution.  Secure to Financial Industry Standards.
  • Major Japanese Automotive and Financial Company: Secure Data Transfer Solution for Intra bank (Central Headquarters to Branch) communications.