Sample Solution Areas for Healthcare

  • Secure Medical Systems Infrastructure (Network Security, Cloud Security)
  • Secure mobile communications (including secure voice) for first responders (Ambulance, EMTs etc.) and mobile clinicians
  • Secure Voice Over IP Communication
  • Secure Remote Access and Monitoring
  • Secure Video / Patient Observation
  • Threat Detection / Management (Instant notification of security non-compliance)
  • Securing Medical Devices and Embedded Systems
  • Secure Collaboration (sharing patient records, ordering supplies, processing insurance claims and billing)
  • Enable secure connected, collaborative, digital service delivery and patient care

Selected HealthCare Customer Examples

ViPNet Works Accross Multiple HealthCare Stakeholders and Multiple Legacy Systems

  • Major national Ambulance service: Secure Mobile access to patients’ records and data transmitted between hospitals and mobile doctors
  • Healthcare IT Services Provider: Secure Remote Continuous Monitoring (24x7 ) of IT systems in medical facilities to prevent catastrophic failures and keep potential financial loss to a minimum.
  • Secure healthcare workflow solution of audio and text files with digital verification and signature.
  • Secure out-patient mobile / remote data exchange for Telehealth / mHealth

Example Implimentation

Secure Medical ViPNet

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