Critical Infrastructure & Industry

Sample Solutions for Critical Infrastructure & Industry 

Utilities, Energy, Oil & Gas, Industrial & Manufacturing

  • Securing Legacy Infrastructure, Equipment and Applications
  • Complete, Multi-Layer Security
  • Field & sensor level
  • ICS & Scada
  • ERP / MES level
  • Critical Infrastructure Security
  • 100% Uptime
  • Harsh Conditions
  • Easy integration with legacy environments
  • Secure remote control and monitoring
  • Secure collaboration and support for the extended enterprise
  • Mobile Security (secure voice, e-mail, chat, file-exchange and video)
  • Threat intelligence, advanced threat / intrusion detection

Selected Customer Examples

Oil & Gas, Energy, Utilities

  • Major Oil & Gas Company -- Network Security, Mobile Security & Secure Collaboration
  • CHP Utility Company – Secure Critical Infrastructure. Secure remote access for control and monitoring of critical sensors.
  • Leading Oil & Gas Company – Secure Data Transmission of Critical Infrastructure Pipeline Data and Mobile Service Engineers, Mobile Security on Android & iOS
  • International provider of Energy, Electrical and Water Treatment Systems. Centralized solution for remote monitoring of critical systems in multiple countries.
  • Major International Oil & Gas company -- Secure EDI services for Gas stations. Secure connections between refining plants and transportation organizations as well as secure collaboration with external partners and suppliers.